wealdstone bowls club

our club…

Our centenary year of 2016 was a time of celebration with club members both past and present, coming together to recall past games and tournaments whilst toasting to the future and memories that are yet to be made.

Please browse our website to learn more about this great club and the amazing game of green bowling. Then, contact us, and pop down to have a chat and perhaps take time to imbibe with us.

just try it…

Bowls is often perceived as a sport for folk whom have reached retirement age. However, Alex Marshall MBE, began bowling at the age of just eight years of age. He first represented his country, Scotland, when he was aged 21.

He has gone on to win a raft of world titles, playing both indoors and outdoors. The sporting career of Alex Marshall shows that this great sport is suitable for all ages.

Here is a challenge for you. We invite you to drop down to our club to see how close you can get to the jack, with your very first wood!

the back story…

It is thought that the game of bowls originated in the far off lands of Ancient Egypt as a derivative of a form of skittles. 

As with golf the relatively modern game is credited to be an invention of those living north of the English border, the Scottish. The oldest surviving club in the U.K. was formed in 1299 in Southampton.

Today, Lawn Green Bowls is played around the world by all ages. In the U.K. alone there are around 490,000 active players. There are clubs positioned as far afield as Australia, NZ, China, India and even in Central Park in New York City.

When playing this exciting game you are joining a community of a sport that is played in many parts of the world and continues to expand in its reach.


Our club has a good number of active playing members, as well as many social members who just enjoy time in our licensed bar, eagerly watching the games that are being played out on the green in front of them.

We welcome new members of all ages, especially to our regular club nights that take place every Tuesday during the season that runs from April through to September.

Many members also play indoors through the close season at the indoor Herga Club that is conveniently located next door to our own club.


As with many sports clubs up and down the country, socialising with fellow members and visiting teams is part of the life of a club.

In July 1978 the club gained a license and the bar was officially opened by the Mayor of Harrow, Barry Turner. The clubhouse of today was refurbished in 2015.

The clubhouse is ideal for groups, churches, faith groups and members of the public to congregate in after a trial game of bowls.

Contact us to arrange a visit of your group to the club.